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Why Tap Dance? by Jennifer Aichele

Posted on November 16, 2017 at 4:15 PM

Tap Dance is defined as a step dance tapped out audibly by means of shoes with hard soles ` or soles and heels to which taps have been added. Fairly simple concept right? Well little does your dancer know they are learning so much more than just making sounds with their feet!

Every child is born with a rhythm inside of them and tap dance helps bring out that natural rhythm! Tap dance is all about feeling the beat of the music and helps strengthen musicality skills. Each step makes a noise and each noise has to fit within the music. In learning this high level of music awareness your dancer will be stronger in keeping time in all genres of dance.

Tap dance takes a TON of coordination and balance! Not only do we focus on musicality and timing, your dancer is learning to quickly transfer their weight between their feet. Tap dance teaches a higher level of control their bodies with making intricate movements with only specific parts of their feet. Balance is also a key factor in tap dance as most of the movement is done balancing on the balls of the feet, on one foot, and transferring between feet. Coordination and balance are so important for a dancer in any genre.

There are many health benefits of tap dance as well. It helps build strong muscles in the legs and the feet and it is a fantastic cardio workout! Tap dance also helps improve the flexibility of the ankles, knees, and hips. And let’s not forget the emotional benefits! Dancing releases endorphins which reduces stress and pain and it can also can help build self-esteem.

But the most important reason to take tap class is because it’s FUN!

“Perhaps of all the most basic elements of music, rhythm most directly affects our central nervous system” - George Crumb