Lake Shore Dance

  Committed to Excellence 


Quotes Best and most respected studio in Ozaukee County! Quotes
Cari S
Graduate's parent

Quotes Spent almost 20 years training at this studio-- it is where I learned the discipline, dedication, and commitment that still serve me as a adult. Thank you for being my role models and teachers! Quotes
Jen S
Lake Shore Dance Graduate

Quotes Lake Shore Dance has amazing, talented teachers who are able to encourage each dancer to reach their full potential. Quotes
Anne P

Quotes The education that my children are receiving is challenging and their class time is very productive. Staff is friendly and warm." Quotes

Quotes Lake Shore Dance is a great studio with wonderful teachers, choreographers, and faculty. The classes are fun but also require a good amount of effort. The teachers at Lake Shore want you to succeed in not only dance but also in school and every day life. There are many opportunities for people who are just starting out with dance and people who have danced since they could walk. All in all this is an amazing studio and I am so happy to be able to spend much of my time there taking fun classes, making new friends, and creating beautiful memories that are sure to last forever. Quotes
Samantha Carlson

Quotes My daughter just started at the West Bend Location. My daughter loves the class! Her teacher is wonderful she has made Ana feel welcome and she uses the names of all the girls. She has the girls learning the correct way and is very kind and always smiling. She genuinely likes teaching. It is enjoyable as a parent to see your child enjoy a class so much. Quotes
Jackie H

Quotes FABULOUS production of The Nutcracker! I am in awe of you all! Wonderful job! Quotes
Stacy S
Audience Member

Quotes I just wanted to thank you for allowing [my son} to be a part of your Nutcracker performance. He enjoyed and hopefully added to the production. I was truly surprised at the professionalism of the performance. I even teared up during the second act because it was so beautiful. Quotes
Connie D

Quotes I just wanted to take a moment and say that this years Nutcracker performance was the best I have seen!!! You both should be very proud. :) We had 22 people come to watch (our daughter) and they all commented on the talented dancers, the beautiful costumes and how professional the performance was. Quotes
Heidi B
Company parent

Quotes (After Danceit! Performance Ensemble's Benefit Concert) I loved it!! The passion and intensity of the girls performance gave me goose bumps! Heartfelt thanks for your continued support of Damian and TAC!! Quotes
Jill F
Audience Member