Covid-19 Updates

Lake Shore Dance has reopened and setting high standards in all of our facilities to ensure security and safety for all studio members upon returning to the studio.   

The back to school season is just around the corner - and while it may look different for many of our students, we are committed to maintaining a warm, welcoming, and positive studio experience this fall.  

Your child's health and wellness are the most important facet of their development and we are here to help you facilitate their growth.   We create a safe and secure atmosphere for your child to interact socially, explore their creativity, and stay physically fit.  

At the studio, you can expect:

             Frequent cleaning of dance spaces, props and classroom essentials,  and lobby space.
             Contact- free or limited contact instruction while maintaining attention to proper execution.
             Hand sanitizing stations.
             Distancing in the classrooms and lobbies.  "Dancing Boxes" and distancing markings are in each studio space. 
             Virtual customer care hours with the option for in person appointments.
             Minimizing groups of people in the hallways by staggering class times, restricting the authorized personnel in the facility, and             
             reducing downtime and studio changes for our students and faculty. 
             Substitute teacher arrangements in place to ensure continuity of your child's class in the event of teacher illness. 
             Expectation that anyone with high fevers and illness symptoms stay home until they are well, including our employees.

But at the same time, we are here to make your child comfortable and confident!  With that goal, you can also expect:
            Small children's class sizes with excellent student/teacher ratios
Individualized attention and corrections
            Warm, positive teachers and staff 
            A focus on personal growth and dance excellence

You can register with confidence knowing we are looking out for the both the physical AND emotional well-being of your child.