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Progressive Curriculum                 Variety of Dance Styles                    Technique, Not Tricks

Our program uniquely focuses on training first.  We believe that the most versatile and dynamic dancers study a full spectrum of dance types.  In addition to ballet, Lake Shore Dance offers cutting edge classes in the classical forms: Jazz, Tap, Modern/Lyrical/Contemporary, as well as supplementary classes in  pointe training and our exclusive Performance Skills classes. 

In addition to our core programming, Lake Shore Dance brings in a wide variety of Master and Guest teachers to keep the classroom fresh for our dancers.  Our summer intensive series has included guest instructors from around the region teaching jazz, hip hop, contemporary, and musical theater. Lake Shore Dance offers a variety of dance styles with the overall goal of a well-rounded dance education.  We root our proven curriculum in technique influenced by the styles and theories passed down through generations of dance master.  Our methods gives dancers the edge in performance, master classes, and auditions, while developing a respect for the amazing history of dance.  Learn to dance with correct foundations and reduce the risk of injury that results from improper, non-progressive training!


Ballet has been called the fundamental base of all classical dance forms.  We believe firmly in the importance of Ballet for every dancer as the technique teaches the terminology used throughout the different genre, the sense of body alignment and movement mechanics,  mannerisms and etiquette, and gives our dancers the foundations they need to be successful in dance.  Our curriculum progresses dancers properly through 7 additional levels, establishing the foundations of technique  and building to advanced artistry.  Ballet meets twice per week beginning at Level V with the option of two days beginning at Level I.  

Dress Code: 

Girls -  Black Leo (Seniors in High School may wear any color leo), Pink Tights, Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes.  A sheer ballet skirt may be worn.  Hair must be in a tight bun.  The only acceptable jewelry is stud earrings. 

Boys - Black form fitting pants or shorts, White form fitting shirt, black ballet shoes. 


When one pictures a ballet dancer, often an image of a graceful female standing on the tips of her toes with ribbons tied around the ankles comes to mind.  Pointe is a beautiful extension of ballet for females.  Lake Shore Dance has an exceptional training system that builds strength and confidence in our dancers as they pursue dancing "en Pointe".  

Dancers must pass a pointe exam to pursue pointe dancing at Lake Shore Dance and meet certain age, physical, and training criteria to train en pointe. 

Dress Code:   Same as ballet class. 


One of the original American dance forms is tap dance. It's percussive nature captures our natural rhythm as we make music with our feet.  

Dress Code:

Dancers may wear comfortable clothing that does not cover the feet.  As dancers progress, we recommend tie tap shoes with a firm, full sole. 


Another classic dance genre with roots in America is jazz dance. This high energy class builds strength, endurance, performance skills, flexibility, precision, and musicality. Through classical jazz theories and modern fusion styles, our jazz program pushes our dancers to achieve more than they could imagine!  

Jazz fundamentals begin in our children's classes and build in intensity through the training division in ways that are truly unique to our program and jazz is an important facet of our dancers' success. 

Dress Code:

Girls:  Black Leo, form fitting athletic tank, and /or sports bras, dance shorts or leggings.  Dark Tan jazz shoes.  Dancers may wear tights but should be able to dance barefoot if requested by the teacher.   Hair must be pulled back out of the face. 

Boys:  Loose or form fitting dance attire.  Black jazz shoes. 

Lyrical/Modern/ Contemporary

While unique in their own way, these three techniques commonly  evolved from the desire to break the mold on  dance training; embracing artistry, personal expression, and freedom in movement.  At Lake Shore Dance, we embrace all three techniques, intertwining their methods to challenge and motivate our students to dance in new ways and explore their own artistry.  

In these classes, dancers will explore concepts from different modern techniques to develop technique and body awareness, explore improvisation and partnering, and learn combinations to develop performance skills. 

Dress Code:

Girls:  Black Leo, form fitting athletic tank, and /or sports bras, dance shorts or leggings.  Dancers may wear tights but should be able to dance barefoot if requested by the teacher.   Hair must be pulled back out of the face. 

Boys:  Loose or form fitting dance attire.  

Performance Skills

Dance is a performing art and this class is specifically designed to build skills to boost confidence and artistry onstage and off.    With consistent practice of acting skills, communication skills, and character development, this class gives your student the edge in their dance training. 

Dress code - comfortable clothes, no street shoes.  

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January:  Register for the Winter Interim Mini-Session - 6 week session

April: Register for the Summer Jumpstart Program - 6 week session

July - December:  Register for the Full Term -9 months of classes starting in September

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I'm obviously always interested in the dancer who's an athlete and vice versa. I expect dancers to be in condition like an athlete is and to challenge themselves in the same way, to the same physical degree. 

Twyla Tharp - American Choreographer