Lake Shore Dance

Your Local Dance Studio for Children - Serving Ozaukee, Washington, and Surrounding Counties 

How long is the session?

Our "Full Term" (that's lessons beginning in September) is 34 classes over 9 months:  it begins the Wednesday after Labor Day and concludes the Thursday before Memorial Day, with scheduled breaks for holidays and time away. 

We choose to run our primary curriculum in line with the school year to give your child the benefit of a consistent schedule and an activity that they can look forward to every week.  This consistent schedule makes planning your family calendar simple too - once you register, you don't have to worry about signing up over and over again for new sessions - one registration takes you through the whole school year. 

In addition to our primary curriculum, we offer two different 6-week sessions.

  • The Spring Mini-Session is a great way to get your child up and moving during the long winter days of February and March - a perfect "pick-me-up" for the winter blues. 
  • The Summer "Jump Start" happens mid-summer.  Students that enroll in the summer session get a head start on their next level of dance and have the additional bonus of consistency even during the summer (and since its only 6 weeks, that gives plenty of flexibility for family fun and vacations too!). 

When is your next registration period?

Registration for the Full Term begins in August and concludes in December (pending availability).  Registration for our Mini-Session opens in January and for the summer, you can register beginning in April. 

How do I choose the best class for my child?

We take out the guesswork so you can confidently select a class for your child based on their age*.  We have carefully planned your child's progression and introduction to dance styles based on our decades of experience and our commitment to  consistent research and development of our curriculum.   All you have to do is select your child's class and we teach your child exactly what they need right now as they learn to dance and love their time in the studio.  

Each class at Lake Shore Dance is geared towards specific age brackets and the material we cover and the methods we use to guide our students are intentional choices to ensure that your child is engaged, energized, and most importantly, is learning to dance in a way that is perfect for their age and development.   Moreover, we have mastered the balance of learning through imaginative play, the balance of cognitive and kinesthetic learning,  and the most important balance of actually learning in class while having a great time with amazing mentors and friends.  

The best part is that when you register at Lake Shore Dance, your child will benefit from the experience of our Senior Faculty members that are committed to your child's success.   We are experts as differentiating our teaching methods and focus for the individual needs of our students and always keep our lines of communication open with you regarding your child. 

*For fall and spring classes, please use your child's age as of September 1 to choose their class. 

My child is a Beginner - will they be ok in your program?

Absolutely!   Your child and their class will be carefully evaluated over our first month together by their teaching staff to understand our class patterns and the fundamental concepts and skills that we will build on through the year.   With individualized attention, our talented teachers make sure your child progressing and learning at their pace with encouragement and guidance.  We believe that learning to dance is about repetition of skills and learning new skills in systemized progression; your child will find their success in our unique classroom setting. 

What can I expect?

When you choose Lake Shore Dance for your child, you can expect that your child will receive personalized attention,  they will receive a quality dance education rooted in technique and creativity, they will be physically active and engaged, and they (and you!) will make new friends and connections. 

Do you offer performance opportunities?

We believe in the power of dance as a performing art and offer several opportunities for dancers to perform and hone their performance skills.   By performing, your child learns:

  • Teamwork
  • Goal Setting
  • Self-confidence while building self-esteem
  • Thinking on their feet (literally ;) ) 
  • Working hard to achieve a goal
  • The joy that comes from sharing one's art

We offer performance opportunities in our Annual Spring Show, The Nutcracker Ballet*, and Dance Competition*.

*These are extra-curricular, optional performance opportunities  we offer at Lake Shore Dance.   

What is the "Spring Show"?

The Spring Show is your child's chance to take the stage and perform in front of their families and friends.     Our students perform on a real stage wtih professional light design and stage management for the ultimate performance experience.   Students learn the process of preparing for live performance and reap the benefits of confidence, pride, and team work that comes with this process.   

We are thrilled to offer this performance opportunity to all of our students that enroll in the Full Term classes.   In those magical moments of dressing up in our costumes, stepping out onto stage, and hearing the joyous applause after they perform is an experience that you and your child will cherish forever!

How do I register?

You are busy!  We make the registration process simple and quick with convenient and secure online registration - register when you want without the hassle of waiting in line to register. 

Method one:  Via our online student registration form, simply enter in your child's (or children's) information, choose your classes, enter your payment information and you are all set!  All information is captured and managed securely for your safety.  

Click here to register!

Method two:  Select your child's age to view class options specifically selected for your child.   Select "register" next to the line item of the class you want for your child, fill out the registration form and payment information and submit. Check this off your list because you are all set!

Select your child's age to get started: 

18 months - 2 years                               3 Years                           4 Years                          5 Years                      6 or 7 Years   

Technology not your thing? That's ok - we can help you here too! Email  and our friendly staff will contact you to help you get started. 

What should my child wear to class?

To simplify your experience and to create a focused atmosphere of inclusion and professionalism,  all classes at Lake Shore Dance have a dress code.   Please click here to view our dress code

Where do I get dance supplies?

Lake Shore Dance hosts an in-studio boutique, stocked with tights, leotards, children's shoes, new and used dance shoes, dance bags, and other dance wear items. Can't find the size you are looking for?  No problem!  We also host an order out dance wear program that is simple, convenient and often you will receive your product quickly.   Stop in today to purchase your child's dance class supplies. 

Where are you located?

Lake Shore Dance has three campuses in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Each location hosts the same curriculum and program, so whichever location you choose, you are guaranteed to have the same "Committed to Excellence" experience!

Southern Ozaukee Campus:   W19 N6721 Commerce Court Cedarburg, WI 53012

Northern Ozaukee Campus: 600 N. Moore Road Port Washington, WI 53074

Washington County Campus:  500 Schoenhaar Drive West Bend, WI 53090

Do I need to stay during my child's class or be in the classroom with my child?

Staying at our facility is completely up to you!  Each location has waiting areas and coffee stations for parents that choose to stay. You are welcome to take your child's class time to run some quick errands.  Please make a point, however, to be back on site before your child's class ends.  We do request that parents of our smallest children (Tots I and Tots II) remain at the studio during their child's class.    

All of the classes at Lake Shore Dance are designed to be "by myself classes".  It is important to your child's progress and independence that you encourage your child to go into their classroom on their own and work with our compassionate and trained faculty.  This allows your child to take direction from our faculty which maximizes their learning.    You will be amazed watching your child become a confident and independent learner!  You are welcome to observe class in many of our classrooms through our one-way observation glass. 

Do you have a registration fee?

No, Lake Shore Dance does not charge a registration fee. 

What happens if I need to withdraw?

In the unfortunate event that you must withdraw your child's enrollment, we are here to help you.  During the full term, simply email us at by the 15th of the month. We do request  minimum two weeks notification of cancelling your enrollment so that we can fill your child's space in class. 

In your email, please note your child's name, the class they are dropping, and the effective date.  To complete the drop, you will be billed a $10.00 drop fee to stop the billing and registration.  This must be paid immediately to finalize your request. 

Little ones may struggle the first couple classes and yes, there may be tears while they try to figure out their class. Click here to read a blog post about managing those first few weeks, written by our toddler expert!  She offers excellent tips to help you and your little one out.  

Parents of Kindergarteners
The first month of full-day kindergartners can also lead to struggles for your child at home and at their activities.  This often is because your child is tired after the long day and misses the lazy days of summer.  Take a little extra time with your child to help them work through the process of adjustment and let your child's dance instructor know about their struggles. Together, we can help them through and enjoy their class. 

Looking for information on our Covid-19 response and policies?  Click here!