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Dance Classes for Your Child

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2023 Summer Session


The magic of childhood - enhanced!

Your child is invited to join a magical adventure, a journey through the formative years of childhood building character through kindness and creativity through play. An atmosphere like no other where joy takes over and individuals are embraced.

A wonderful place where children feel welcome and safe; their confidence soaring with support of their peers, their teachers, their parents, and their mentors. A source of great accomplishment through hard work, wellness, and positive reinforcement. A creative space that inspires children to follow their dreams and dream bigger than they ever thought possible. A place that respects the amazing scope of personalities and backgrounds creating a diverse community of friends. 

Your child is invited to a place like no other, a place of childhood joy and tradition.

That tradition is excellence.

The place is Lake Shore Dance.

Their journey begins now.


Give your child an amazing head start!

As their parent, it is a primary goal to find their passion, the thing that makes their heart soar and let's them dream.  You want an activity that is enriching and engaging and for your child to make lifetime friends.    You need to know that your child is carefully nurtured and is learning a new skill while having an amazing time.   You want your child to build confidence and independence, while learning to love themselves and believe in their capacity for greatness. 

That's where we come in!  We make the commitment to your child's growth as a dancer and individual with carefully planned progressive lesson plans, stacked with creativity and excitement.   You will see marked progression every week both in and out of the studio and their joy and pride will be palpable as they leave class. 

It does matter where you decide to take your child for their first steps.  This could be their thing - their dream come true.   By choosing Lake Shore Dance, your child will learn to dance with correct terminology and execution from day 1 at Lake Shore Dance and experience the freedom and happiness of our amazing fusion of creative exploration.  That is the difference of children's classes at Lake Shore Dance. 

Whether your child dances for a moment or until graduation, they will

leave Lake Shore Dance with confidence, independence, a love of the

arts, and fond memories and friendships that last a lifetime!

Childhood Reimagined

Your child is an amazing human that is capable of learning so much when engaged through exciting imagery, positive encouragement, and directed creative play! 

Your child's growth and happiness is our priority. Our motivated teaching team know how to tap into your child's natural genius in a way that embraces their unique style of learning, building confidence and independence while laying down essential foundations for dance and wellness from their first day! 

The progress is breathtaking- you have to see it to believe it!


How Old Is Your Child?

Our program is uniquely designed with benchmarks specific to your child's age.  This maximizes your child's growth and engagement exponentially!   Pick your child's age as of September 1 to view information about their classes and to select their class. 


"Her involvement with dance has helped her build self-confidence, a disciplined work ethic, nurture others and be open to new things. The benefits of dance go beyond what she's learned about dance itself. She has instructors and mentors who have provided good examples of what young women can become. [Our daughter was} a very shy, withdrawn little girl who was very uncertain of the world around her and even of herself. Dance has helped bring out the bubbly, funny, strong, talented and confident girl we see today." ‚Äč


Your children are the future. 
We build the path for their success.

Parenting is hard.   We understand your struggles because we are parents too!  Everyday, you are faced with the challenge of helping your little humans to navigate their world, helping them to learn how to interact with others, build relationships, explore, create, develop motor skills, balance screen time with physical time, carve out time for you to bond, teach them to be independent while keeping them safe - the list goes on!  

We all just want to do the best for our little ones and choosing activities to enrich their childhood help.  Dance lessons are a great place to start!  But, where they dance, even when they are little is so important - these are their formative years, after all so you must select the studio that is as committed to your child's success as you are!


We Will Help!

Your child's success is our number one priority!   We are committed to helping your child find their voice, their joy, their independence, and their confidence in our class.   Your child will look forward to dancing each week with their new friends and will have a blast  in class, while learning solid dance technique and build focus and work-ethic in our structured classes. 


Our Mission 


But space is limited!  

We choose to limit our children's class sizes so you know your child will receive the attention they deserve from our talented faculty.   This allows us to individualize your child's instruction while building important connections with our students so they feel safe, secure, and valued at Lake Shore Dance.    

Because of this, our classes do fill up quickly!   Don't delay - register today!


First time dance parent? 


10 More Reasons Why Families Choose
Lake Shore Dance

  1. Progressive curriculum tailored to support your child's development and achievement
  2. Annual Progress Reports so you can see your child's progression
  3. In-studio Dance Boutique - no more running around for equipment!
  4. All Costumes Purchases include a FREE pair of tights
  5. Welcoming Family Atmosphere
  6. Happy, Safe, and Positive place for you and your child
  7. Easy scheduling with consecutive evening classes and online registration
  8. Installment plans and electronic payments to simplify family budgeting
  9. Quality dance education balanced beautiful with creative development. 
  10. Friendly Client Care Specialists to assist you

Not quite ready yet?  Send us a message and let's chat!  Our friendly Client Care Specialists have the answers you need to make your experience excellent!