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Exclusively at Lake Shore Dance

Summer Dance -  2024

The next registration opportunity opens January 1 for the Winter Mini-session

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Come Dance With Us This Summer

Do you want your child to...

- Try a new activity?
- Make friends?
- Become confidently independent?
- Learn a new skill?
- Develop their body awareness?
- Have a creative outlet that encourages their creative thinking skills? 

- Become strong and flexible?

- Build a solid work ethic and positive attitude?

- Learn in a safe atmosphere that welcomes anyone that wants to learn to dance?

- Be engaged without a screen?

- Have opportunities that go beyond the classroom?

- Make real measurable progress?


With over 30 years of industry experience, we are committed to creating a lifetime of memories as we support your child's development through dance.

Our legacy is your child's success.

Summer Dance

Get Your Child Moving with Our Children's Dance Classes

This summer,  introduce your child to the world of dance with six weeks of classes designed specifically to give your child a head start this Fall and our Full-Term Curriculum   

July 8-August 17

Pick Your Classes with Confidence!

Classes are designed around your child's developmental milestones at their current age - and we build from there!


  • Select Your Child's class by their age as of June 15, 2024.

  • Click "Enroll". 

  • Fill out the registration form, and read the registration agreements (this is full of super important information, so please be sure to read it- you can always review it later!)

  • Complete your registration and pay the tuition



That's it!


If you need help with your registration, our offices are staffed Monday through Thursday in the evenings and by email.




*The "tuition" amount is a one-time payment for the 6-week session. 

Select your child's class based on their age as of June 15, 2024

- classes are listed by age and location.  

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